We appreciate your time and effort in getting ready for an initial attorney meeting by doing the following things, if you have the opportunity to do so: 

  • Print out the Questionnaire or Worksheet (from the list below) which applies to you.  (Or, Contact Us if you would like for us to mail the form to you.)

  • Contact Us if you have any questions about which form to use.
  • Complete the form as best as possible, and bring it with you to the meeting.  Or, send it to us prior to the meeting if time permits.  (If you are not sure about certain answers or other information, just leave them blank, and we will discuss them at the meeting.)

  • Also, bring to the meeting any materials that may be requested by the form.  If you have scheduled an initial Estate Planning Consultation, please bring with you the materials listed in What to Bring with You to the Estate Planning Consultation.  (If you do not have time to collect or compile some of the materials, please come to the meeting as scheduled, and we will discuss any needed follow-up in that regard.) 

(Note: The Questionnaires and Worksheets are in Adobe Reader PDF format.  You can download Adobe Reader here.  If the form you need does not download or print, please Contact Us so that we can provide you with a copy by another method.)

Estate Planning & Trust Worksheets

Estate Planning Worksheet - Unmarried Person

Estate Planning Worksheet - Married Person

What to Bring with You to the Estate Planning Consultation