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Estate Planning & Trusts

Fundamental Estate Planning

  • Trusts (including Revocable Trusts or Living Trusts)
  • Wills
  • General Durable Powers of Attorney (for property or assets)
  • Durable Powers of Attorney for Healthcare
  • Advance Directives for Health Care (or Living Wills)
  • Trust Funding
  • Probate Avoidance
  • Guardianship Avoidance
  • Planning for Incapacity
  • Planning for Minor Children and for Single Parents
  • Prenuptial Agreements

Advanced Estate Planning

  • Minimizing Estate and Gift Taxes
  • Lifetime Gift Programs
  • Irrevocable Trusts; Life Insurance Trusts
  • Wealth Transfer Planning
  • Charitable Planning
  • Legacy Planning
  • Retirement Benefits Beneficiary Designations & Planning
  • Wealth Preservation Strategies
  • Wealth Transfer Planning
  • Multi-Generational Planning
  • Family Limited Liability Companies & Family Limited Partnerships
  • Family Business Succession Planning
  • Asset Protection Planning
  • Integrating Estate Planning with Business Ownership

Trust Administration & Probate

  • Estate Tax Returns (State and Federal)
  • Trust Administration
  • Advising Trustees and Beneficiaries
  • Distributions from Trusts and Estates
  • Oklahoma Probate Proceedings
  • Representing Personal Representatives (or Executors) and Heirs
  • Post-Mortem Planning

Special Needs Planning

  • Special Needs Trusts (3rd party and self-settled trusts)
  • Supplemental Needs Trusts; (d)(4)(A) trusts
  • Care Planning for Disabled Adults and Children
  • Disability Planning
  • Governmental Benefits Preservation (e.g., Medicaid and SSI)
  • Protecting Personal Injury Settlements and Inheritances
  • Advising Trustees and Caregivers

Elder Law

  • Long-Term Care and Medicaid Planning
  • Medicaid Planning for Payment of Nursing Home Care and In-Home Care
  • Protection or Preservation of Assets and Income
  • Other Legal Needs of Senior Adults and Their Caregivers

Business Law and Planning

  • Planning, Formation, & Maintenance of Small to Mid-Size Businesses
  • Choice of Entity for Doing Business
  • Limited Liability Companies, Corporations, Partnerships, etc.
  • Buy-Sell Agreements (and Shareholders Agreements)
  • Consulting and Contracts
  • Buying and Selling Businesses and Assets
  • "Corporate Maintenance Program"
  • "Corporate Records Audit"
  • Succession Planning among Family and Key Employees
  • Technology Law
  • Real Estate Transactions: Contracts for Sale or Purchase and Leasing
  • Integrating Business Ownership with Estate Planning